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Illinois is full to the brim with refineries which means that hauling oil is a legitimate career path and one that many pursue. For this, and any other commercial driving in the Prairie State, you need a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). Like any other examination in life, the key is preparation and we help you with all the information you’re likely to need. Let’s not forget, this process costs money so why mess around when you can pass first time with our excellent cheat sheets and practice questions? Though the application costs $50, each endorsement is $5 including; • Hazardous materials • Air brake restriction removal skills • Tank vehicles • School buses • Passenger buses • Doubles/triples For those chasing a bus driver permit, this is an extra $4. For all Class A vehicles, this is a 70-question test (don’t panic!) and you’ll need to do a skill test; this is true of all endorsements. By choosing us, you can REALLY prepare and get used to the kind of questions the official tests will ask!


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