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When it comes to the CDL (commercial driver’s license), the fees can be a little complicated but stay with us. For those between 21 and 24 years, you’ll pay $20 and your first renewal will be due after four years. After this, eight-year licenses are granted to anybody between 24 and 72 years. If you’re an active 72-year-old and want to continue driving a commercial vehicle, you can renew for two years for just $10. Sadly, things get even more confusing because the information we’ve provided so far applies to Hawai’i and Kauai. For those in Maui County and Honolulu, the road test costs $50 as well as a $20 inspection. We have good news; although this information may have been a little confusing, everything is explained in our resources and you can prepare for your test with ease. With cheat sheets and practice tests, you’ll soon pass and haul goods with one eye on the glistening water (not literally, this will see you fail!). With us, we can help with Class A, B, and C vehicles as well as endorsements including; • Hazardous materials • Passenger buses • Air brake restriction removal skills • Tank vehicles • Doubles/triples • School buses


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