Start Your Free 2022 Alabama CDL Exam Simulator Test Now


Every year, Alabama exports over $20 billion in goods…and you can contribute to this with a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Depending on the class of vehicle, you’ll pay between $36.25 and $66.25 as well as the standard $20 skill testing fee and the $25 learning permit testing fee. In total, you should be ready to fork over around $100. Are you healthy enough to operate a commercial vehicle? They will also ask for a medical form that confirms this. As past drivers will tell you, the official tests aren’t easy…so we aim to help ALL drivers with our CDL practice tests. Answering between 50-70 general questions and then 20-35 class-related questions, you can prepare for the DMV exam whether you want to simply drive a school bus or a tank vehicle. In no time, you’ll be cementing your endorsement in hazardous materials, air brake restriction removal skills, or any other class. Why not get started today?


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