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FAQ about Driver's Handbook?

What Is Driver's Handbook? Here's What You Need To Know 

Are you new to driving and planning to get your driver's license from the Department of Motor Vehicles? To begin with, you will have to gain all the information needed to pass the test.

The best way to get all the knowledge you need to prepare for your driver's license exam is to get a hold of your state's driver's handbook. This booklet covers all the information about the traffic laws in your state, licensing requirements, rules and regulations, and driving tips for emergencies. A thorough understanding of the driver's manual is the key to passing your driver's license and staying safe while on the road.

What is a driver's handbook?

A driver's handbook or manual is a booklet published by the DMV of each state to provide adequate information about driving laws, regulations, and licensing requirements in each state. With this information, you will better understand how to get your license, road laws, driving restrictions, license renewal, and much more. 

Since no central organization is responsible for creating the driver's handbook in the US, no specific rules exist. So, all driver's manuals are not the same and vary based on the state you choose to get your license. However, each state follows general guidelines while creating the driver's manual.

Driver's Handbook: What's In It?

Issued by the DMV in your state, the driver's manual is the official document that provides all the driving information for motorists to stay safe on the roads. Some of the main topics this booklet contains include:
● Speed limit laws. 
● Traffic signs and signals are used on the roads. 
● Information about road safety and traffic laws. 
● Parking signs. 
● Laws concerning drunk driving (DUI). 
● Seat belts. 

The handbook is written in simple language with colorful graphics, making it easy to understand. Some states also publish their driver's handbooks in an audio format for those who have difficulty reading or understanding the written format.

Traffic Signs In Driver's Handbook

While the driver's manual talks about getting a driver's license, it also details road safety and traffic signs. Understanding the traffic signs will allow you to pass the knowledge part of the test and stay safe while driving. Some of the different types of traffic signs are:

1.Regulatory Signs:

Regulatory signs and mostly in black and white, with some being in red and white to stress the importance. These signs include:
● Stop. 
● Do not enter. 
● Speed limit. 
● Wrong way. 
● Keep right.

2.Warning Signs:

Warning signs are mostly diamond-shaped with black and yellow signs. These signs give warnings about unexpected conditions ahead. Some common warning signs are calling
● Traffic signal ahead.
● Two-way traffic.
● Lane ends. 
● Intersection ahead. 
● School zone. 
● Pedestrian crossing. 
● No passing zone

3.Work Zone Signs:

Since work zones are dangerous areas for motors and workers, it is usually identified with orange signs, flashing arrow panels, or barricades. Some of the work zone signs are:
● Lane shift. 
● Uneven pavements. 
● Narrow lanes. 
● Road closed. 
● Slow down.

Wrap Up

Each US state publishes its driver's handbook, and these resources are free of charge. You can get your copy from any of the nearest DMV branches or download the PDF format of the booklet online. Before downloading, get the driver's manual for the state from where you will apply and take the driver's license test.